We Provide A Tailored Service To All Of Our Customers


Our company manages apartment blocks for private freeholders and residents’ associations. We also manage all of our own freeholds. We have a well-established track record in Property Management, with nearly ten years of experience in the field.
Our ethos is to achieve the very best, to maintain high quality throughout our business and to always give great customer service. We treat all our sites as if they were our own, caring for them at all times.
  • We endeavour to maintain all of our sites to a very high standard, ensuring that cleaning, gardening, window cleaning and all other maintenance is completed regularly. We do this by completing regular detailed site inspections.
  • Our dedicated and experienced Maintenance Department contracts the best quality tradesmen for the maintenance of your property and monitors all of their work. Our process is simple yet effective. For most general works we obtain 2 or 3 quotations from reputable tradesmen, choose the best quote for the property and check all workmanship before payment. Please click on Tradesmen to search for a reputable contractor in your local area.
  • When undertaking more extensive work on our sites we request a minimum of 3 comprehensive quotations and then follow up with a consultation procedure to allow all owners’ input. This can range from small queries such as the maintenance of electricity to providing other quotations from specific companies/tradesmen.
  • Our Accounts Department are always on hand for any service charge or ground rent issues you may have. They also ensure that our business is running cost effectively for us and you.
  • In order to achieve complete transparency and honesty in our financial dealings all sites have their own individual bank accounts. The accounts for each site fall under the scrutiny of Cobley Desborough & Co. at the end of each financial year. Copies of the accounts are sent to all LeaseholdersAny additional information can be viewed at our offices at no additional cost (by appointment only).  Copies of bills can be sent to you, but we are obliged under The Commonhold & Leasehold Reform Act 2002 to charge for preparing such copies.

 Acting For You, Not Instead Of You