Tendering Of Maintenance Contracts

Trusted Trades, Quality, Fairness.


All procurement activities undertaken follow industry best practice and clear objectives.  We strive for best value without compromising quality.

OBMS Ltd will ensure that all financial commitment’s and expenditure is managed and controlled in a consistent and effective manner and is conducted in a fair, objective and transparent process.


Service Level Agreements

We Manage SLA’s for you, Expecting the highest standards.


Contracts are subject to a service level agreement (SLA) which covers all necessary due diligence requirements. A programme of unannounced audits ensures that the agreed SLA is being achieved by the contractor and poor performance is actively managed.



Contractor Performance

Working for us – Working for you !


Contractor performance is is important to us at OBMS, after all they are representing us. We expect cleanliness and excellent customer service at all times.  Contractors are monitored via the maintenance inspection regime.

All contractors are asked to provide before and after imagery of works undertaken and where possible obtain a signed note of satisfaction. Only the highest standards of work will be accepted at your development. Our property Manager will meet contractors on site for their initial visits and for non-standard works.