Born near Carlisle in 1958, John worked for large international companies for 19 years. During 1988, he relocated to Northampton and consequently established Ltd in 1995, employing 7 members of staff at his office in Northampton. The business was sold in the February of 2007 to another ARLA registered agent. John is now concentrating on running Orchard Block Management Services Ltd, where he manages 105 apartment blocks and sites with nearly 1400 flats, along with his own properties.
He purchased his first investment property in 1996, building a portfolio of 23 properties. The mixed nature of the tenants, both working people and benefit claimants, gives John a broad spectrum of experience of dealing with very different client groups.
John is a member of the National Landlord’s Association. He also helped to establish and was formerly Chairman of the Northampton branch, the oldest section of the NLA and one which compromises over 320 members.
John often undertakes public speaking and public relations duties both nationally and within the local community. He has assisted with articles in The Sunday Times and is also a regular contributor to Moneybox Live and the Today programme, both on BBC Radio 4. Details of these can be found on their website.
Orchard Block Management Services Ltd was established in 1992. John purchased his first apartment block in 1997 after being unable to let his flat. With the assistance of his solicitor, Tony Denny, he purchased the freehold and repaired the common areas. Tony Denny then offered him a group of 250 apartments to own and manage.
Since then he has acquired more blocks, both managed and owned. He is currently working with developers to acquire new build sites in addition to existing apartment complexes.